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Business Success and People Practices

As an employer, you have the power to create an engaged workforce that is motivated to make your business successful or to simply have “hired hands” whose presence is strictly contractual. The difference in returns to your business is huge. Studies continue to show that Investing in good people practices provides greater returns than most investments in technology. Business success and employee productivity are positively correlated to an organization's people practices.

The Game Changer

Any organisation looking to be effective and efficient needs three things: coordination, commitment and competence. All three elements are people related attributes. Instituting the right people practices will develop the right relationships in the organisation which can be a game changer for the firms productivity, quality and output.

Mutual Trust and Respect

Mutual Trust and Respect (MTR) in the company is of untmost importance because MTR provides the compelling underpinnings that all systems need in order to be successful.An organisation is also a system. We help you address the four factor necessary to build MTR viz. 1) common vision and values; 2) functional structure; 3) collaborative decision making process; and 4) mature people.

Benchmark Practices

In our opinion there are no benchmark practices when it comes to People Practices. There are principles and guidelines to be used but a practice that works for an organisation may not work in another. We therefore carefully study the culture and environment of the company first and then design people practices that would work for you.

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